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Property Owners

Using 20 tools, spending a month’s rent, and still playing catch-up? Track expenses, renew insurance, review profit and loss, manage accounting, screen tenants, collect rent, communicate with tenants, schedule repair services, store documents, and more – all from one place. Enjoy many benefits even if you have just one property.


Property Managers

Caught in the middle between the landlord and tenant? Juggling multiple properties? Simplify your life with HomeKasa. Quickly generate reports, communicate with landlord and tenants, use built-in templates for tenant communications, etc. Our software helps you do your job. Sshhh no one else needs to know!



No more he-said, she-said. Access moving checklist with photos, lease agreements, request repairs, communicate with the landlord, pay rent - all from one place. Best part? You can do all this even if your landlord is not using HomeKasa yet.

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HomeKasa offers the best property management software in the industry. Whether you have one property or many properties, there’s something in it for everyone. Take advantage of our software to maintain your home, store and manage property documents, screen tenants, handle move-in and move-out inspections, collect rents, generate reports, track expenses, manage accounting, and more. Communicate with landlords, property managers, and tenants. Stay on top of your wealth with the best property management software.

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I love being a multi-property owner, however, managing the constant flow of issues from tenants is the most frustrating part. HomeKasa makes this easy and brings order to my otherwise hectic life.

Courtney Kehl

Advisor & President

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Real estate is a great way to grow wealth. But managing many properties can quickly consume your time. HomeKasa simplifies this with one dashboard, saving time.

Spencer Zhu

Real estate investor


HomeKasa makes it easy to communicate with landlords and request repairs.

Sri Reddy



I can stay on top of things for both renters and property owners. HomeKasa allows me to quickly generate reports without going to an accountant.

Heidi White

Property manager