This form is used when the tenant has paid a deposit to the landlord to hold a particular property with the intention of renting it. This is used before a lease is signed. The form creates a legal agreement and specifies the both the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the landlord. for California(US)

    Gives the landlord permission to call to previous landlords, for the purposes of doing a background and referene check. This is used for the purpose of verifying the information in the rental application before renting a house to the tenant. This form carefully limits the information that can be shared. That inforamtion should be directly related to the qualifications of the tenant and nothing more. This ensures that extraneous and possibily sensitive information, or information that can be discriminatory is not shared for California(US)

  • Security deposit A maximum of two months rent for unfurnished units and three months rent for furnished units.
  • There is a deadline of 21 days to return the security deposit after the tenant has moved out.
  • If repairs and cleaning costs are more than $126, the landlord is required to give you an itemized list of all the expenses.
  • Landlord has to give you at least 30 days of notice before raising the rent by 10%. If the rent is being raised more than 10% then they have to give you a notice of 60 days.

Read more about California Rental laws.

California has strict and wide-ranging tenant rights. California tenant rights are derived from California tenant rightsofficial state statutes and cover everything from voilation of a lease agreement, what do landlords have to do before they enter an occupied rental house, tenant fees, settlement of tenant rights, and more.

  • This page outlines the tenant and owner rights and obligations in California.
  • This guide, written by the Department of Consumer Affairs & Legal Affairs, provides a comprehensive list of tenant and landlord rights and obligations. This is a practical resources for both tenants and landlords
  • A comprehensive list of resources provided by the HUD to help you understand the tenant rights and protections in California.

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