This form is used when the tenant has paid a deposit to the landlord to hold a particular property with the intention of renting it. This is used before a lease is signed. The form creates a legal agreement and specifies the both the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the landlord. for Arkansas(US)
This will acknowledge receipt of the sum of
as a holding deposit to hold the vacant rental property
. at
. The property will be rented to Application on a
basis at a rent of
and a security deposit of
per month, if applicant signs Landlords written lease before
and pays landlord the first month’s rent and a
security deposit on or before that date, in which event the holding deposit
applied to the first month's rent.
This Agreement depends upon Landlord receiving a satisfactory report of Applicant’s references and credit history. Landlord and Applicant agree that if Applicant fails to sign the Agreement and pay the remaining rent and security deposit, Landlord may retain of this holding deposit a sum equal to the prorated daily rent of
per day plus a
charge to compensate Landlord for the inconvenience.
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Arkansa has well defined rights and obligations for both tenants and landlords. This covers areas like security deposits, evications, discriminations.

  • This page outlines the tenant and owner rights and obligations in Arkansas.
  • You can call Arkansas Law helpline to speak to an attorney for free. Free legal help is available for Arkansas tenants facing eviction, foreclosure, or other issues.
  • Find a local agency that can help you with your legal issues.
  • The Arkansas Fresh Start rental assistance program is being administered by the state’s 15 Community Action Agencies. Each agency serves certain counties in the state.

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