How to win customers for property management business

Growing your property management business improves your income. However, finding new customers can be a challenge. In this article, we break down how to find customers and grow your business.

Being a property manager offers an additional revenue stream. Some people even choose to do this full-time. As a property manager, you are expected to do your job well. However, the homeowners usually buy one property every few years. Relying on a handful of existing customers to grow your business is not a scalable model. You need to market your property management business to attract new customers.

To win new customers for the property management business, you first need to understand why your customer needs you

  • They need you to reduce their workload
  • They don’t want to deal with the tenants or for they cannot deal with the tenants
  • There’s a life-changing event on their side – they may have to relocate to be with an aging family or move for work
  • Some people like to travel a lot for pleasure and can’t be around to handle tenant requests
  • Others may travel frequently for business. Therefore, they can’t be around to handle urgent tenant requests
  • They may have too many properties and cannot keep up with the demands
  • They may live in a different town and invest in remote locations

Once you understand these reasons, you can address many of these points in marketing your property management business. Your content strategy can be designed around these topics.

Now that we understand the ‘why’ for the customers, let’s look at ‘what’ they are looking for in a property manager. Read our article on what a property manager does – what the job entails. Customers want to be hands-off and have you take care of everything. They are looking for someone who will treat the property like their own and stay on top of things.

Now that you have the ‘why’ and ‘what’, convince the customers that you

  • Understand their needs
  • You are capable of doing the job
  • You can screen and find great tenants
  • You have the best tools in hand to address their needs – HomeKasa offers the best property management software that allows you to easily track any issues, send reminders, schedule repairs, and manage expenses.

Show them HomeKasa software and walk them through the process of how you will communicate with the tenants and with the landlord. Provide customer references for your service. If you are new to the business, find references in other areas who can attest to your character.

Send the property owners monthly reports on how their property is performing, how you have addressed their concerns, etc. While they don’t have to be involved in the management regularly (that’s your job), you should keep them posted on how you are doing. It will help them to see the value you bring. You are in the services business. Unless people know the value you offer, they will not renew your services. While you may be great at keeping things under control, you want your customers to know that you are doing so. Instead of sending updates every time something happens, update them periodically.

Take advantage of HomeKasa software to manage interactions with tenants and landlords. Manage all your properties from one place. It’s the best software, and it’s free to start.