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10 Tips to decorate rental property and live beautifully

Just because you are renting doesn't mean that you've to live with empty walls. We share some tips on how to decorate your rental home and enjoy a beautiful place. We share some tips on things that can serve you here and for years to come, while still ensuring that you get your security deposit back.

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Any place whether it is rented or owned, becomes a home with people living in it and adding some personal touches. Living in a rental home doesn't mean that you've to limit yourself basic décor. You can live beautifully and still get your security deposit back. We share some tips on how to achieve this.

Tips to decorate rental property

Decorate with movable objects. Get furniture, accessories for both the furniture and the wall, put beautiful objects in bookshelves.

Decorate with movable objects

Avoid painting the house unless you are very sure that you can give it back to the owner in the original condition. Your enthusiasm for decorating is usually high at move-in time. However, during move-out, you may not have the interest, the time, or the ability to return the house to its original condition. Plus you are already thinking about decorating your next house, in addition to the strain of moving!

Avoid painting the wall of a rental home

Think versatility when shopping for furniture. Some furniture works for a room with a certain layout and dimensions. Get versatile pieces so that they can serve you well in the long run in any rental property or even your own future home! Use portable lighting such as floor or table lamps to improve the ambience.

Use versatile furniture

Go bold with accents. Large and bold accent pieces add punch to an otherwise boring wall. Have some fun with movable pieces that can stay with you for years!

Go bold with accents

Add pops of color to reflect your personality. Use washable rugs in high-traffic areas, just wash them regularly for a clean house. This also reduces wear and tear on the floors, giving you a nice home to live. The added benefit is that increases the odds of getting your security deposit back. Use art to bring cheer! Use pieces that appeal to you and you can look at for years to come in any house.

Add pops of color to bring life to a place

Use colorful pillows and bold accent pieces. Even with neutral walls, you can bring a lot of life to a rental home with accents.

Use colorful pillows and bold accent pieces

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Report maintenance issues using HomeKasa software

Clean the rental home regularly. A clean space makes you more productive. Plus, it keeps your living space beautiful. Other advantages of cleaning include - deterring germ growth and pests. Clean with safe chemicals. If the walls are painted in egg shell or higher sheen, you can easily wipe off any stains from the walls.

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Keep the rental property clean

Maintain the counter tops by clean the spills right away. Don't let them stay on the counter overnight. Ask your landlord to seal the countertops regularly.

Keep the countertops clean

Enjoy some gardening. It's good for you! Just be sure to use pots that can go with you to the next home. Talk to the landlord before planting any trees or invasive plants.

Enjoy some gardening

Live beautifully and responsibly! Renting doesn't mean that you can't make the place your home. Customize it where possible and enjoy your stay while you save up for your own home one day.

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