How to grow your property management business

Marketing property management business

Marketing property management business is essential to find customers. However, it can be daunting to look at the avenues available. In this guide, we show how you can get started and grow your business by taking advantage of some of the free tools available.

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Whether you are looking to managing properties full time or as a side business for an additional stream of revenue, you need to market your business. Marketing is critical to finding customers. Think about how many times you found a service professional on Yelp or through their other marketing outreach efforts. If you cannot market your own business, how can your customers trust you with marketing and running their property? We share some tips on how to market your property management business in today's age so that customers can find you.

Marketing property management business - how to guide

Print media is no longer the only option to reach customers. While print is important for brand awareness in real estate, digital marketing opens new avenues to reach customers for property management. You can use webpage, articles, blogs, email marketing, text message. Your webpage is your digital storefront. You can use blogs to update your audience about the latest developments in the local market, any changes to regulations, etc. You can also boost your brand value by contributing articles to HomeKasa under your name. When you are published in other places, people perceive you differently and see you as a thought leader.

Digital marketing avenues

Marketing is not a one and done thing. To be successful, you need to create content regularly and distribute it to reach your target audience. It's not easy to create content all the time. Instead, you can collect a series of interesting articles and send that to your customers. HomeKasa blog as many articles that you can leverage.

Content strategy for marketing

Here are some ideas to start your content writing. Showcase how one of your customers' had a specific problem that you were able to address with your ingenuity. If you have tips on how someone can stay organized with their expenses for tax filing, share those tips. Share interesting news via your social channels to reach many audiences. This will allow customers to find you when they are ready.

How to create content

Unlike print marketing, digital marketing content can be easily accessed through search. Posting on social media creates a multiplier effect. But it also takes time and work. Take advantage of free tools that let you design your content now and post at a later time. Different tools such as Planoly, Buffer, and Later have different offers - select the one that works for you. Almost all of them have a free basic version. Work with HomeKasa for FREE to build your brand. Brand is what makes the difference in how much someone is willing to pay for your service.

Amplify your marketing efforts

Stand out from the crowd. Differentiate yourself as a thought leader. When you promote your client's properties well, people will notice how well you market your customers' properties.

Thought leader in property management

Landlords want to work with the best property manager. What better way than be perceived as a leader? Showcase how you use modern technology to stay on top of things and how you never miss a beat. Best property management software

In the beginning, focus on getting the word out. Once you try this a few times, you'll start identifying the difference between quality and quantity. Your marketing efforts will improve. Instead of waiting for perfection, get started now.

Best property management software for landlords

HomeKasa offers the best property management software. You can manage tenant interactions, contact service professionals, generate reports for the property owner, and more - all from one place. Get started now, it's free.

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