pros and cons of moving

Should you move to a new rental home or stay in your current rental home?

Considering moving? Moving can open up doors for new career opportunities, friends, and community. Moving is also a stressful process where you leave behind the comfort of a known environment. We have some things for you to consider and a few tips for a smooth transition.

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Moving is triggered by many things. While some are positive, others are not so. You could be thinking about moving to a new rental place for several reasons:

  • Your lease is about to expire

  • You want to be closer to work

  • You want a change in the environment

  • Your landlord might want you to move. Read more about that here.

  • You might be attracted to new options available in the market for similar but lower-priced or better facilities

  • You might want a fresh start in your life with a new place or new friends and neighbors.

The reasons are endless. But before jumping to any decision in haste and giving quick notification to your landlord to vacate your place, you must weigh the negatives and positives of moving to a new location.

Everyone wants to enjoy a peaceful setting with friendly neighbors. If you feel unsafe at your current location or your neighbors are noisy and not kind to you, then relocating is a reasonable alternative. It can offer a better place with more green, clean, and quiet environment. Peaceful and clean surroundings are very crucial for maintaining a good quality life with more focus, and a cognitive mind. New scenery, culture, terrain, and climate can excite you a lot.

Look for a new place that offers facilities such as digital solutions (smart locks for example), green options, Internet of Things, better security, more connectivity, and automation services. A more aesthetic and secure environment around us can be positive.

You might want a fresh beginning in your life driven by changes in finance, marital, or relationship status. Or you could move to a new and larger place after a happy life event like a marriage. In both cases, you want to play with your memories. Either you want to come out of your old memories associated with the old place, or you want to make new memories in a new and better place.

Exploring a new community of people, new markets, new cultures, and places can always excite you and refresh you.

You might want to explore new business opportunities or apply for new and better jobs. If you have a job offer, then you want to move closer to your work. Or you might want to stay closer to your family business. If moving to a new place opens up more opportunities to do better in your career or personal growth, you have a lot to look forward to! You can reinvent yourself with a new place with access to new opportunities to use and grow your skills.

Meeting new people and adjusting to a new culture can be a reason for frustration and depression. Moving can separate you from your family and friends. Depending on your situation, this can either be a pro or a con. But, it takes time to build a new community around you. Consider if you would enjoy that new culture, community, and way of life. Make some contacts before your move - find friends, friends of friends, NextDoor lists, local meetup groups for your hobbies, etc. Chances are you will find more people like you - they may have moved recently as well and looking to build their network.

Moving to a new place requires time and effort, not to mention the stress - even if you hire movers and packers. Depending on how much you have, you will need days and weeks to plan, pack, and unpack your stuff before settling in a new rental home. This is also a great time to donate things you haven't used in a while or forgot you even had.

Assess all the costs associated with your rental home, including the rent before moving to a new place. These are rent, set up, maintenance costs, operating costs, and also hidden environmental costs.

Consider the following to calculate the maintenance and operating costs:

  • Are there energy-efficient devices and systems installed?

  • Does the building have better digital connectivity, parking facility, health facility nearby?

  • What are the security systems available?

Finally, a peaceful, green, clean, and sustainable environment may have a value for your cognitive skills and creativity.

You have to set up a new home. Furniture is often not versatile. What works in the current place may or may not work in the new place. The layout and size of the room impact how your furniture fits. You may have to buy some new pieces. Yes, your favorite couch might not even fit in your living room… ugh!

You've to spend time setting up utilities, cable, internet, etc., in your place. Fortunately, these are one time tasks. While you are at it, don't forget to pay your last bill from the previous place and set up a forwarding address. Nothing like a forgotten bill to ding your credit score!

Be sure to do a move-in walk through at the new place and document everything. HomeKasa offers free online software so that you and your landlord can have one source of truth for your move-in checklist. Set up rent payments to your landlord with HomeKasa so that it can be addressed easily every month. Having all this information in one place makes it easy to file taxes.

Searching, applying, and screening new rental home is a time-consuming process. You have to search for a better place in terms of all facilities, transportation, security, connectivity, and cost. You also have to identify the pros and cons of each unit you visit and figure out what's best for you.

Moving can open up new doors. It can introduce you to new and lifelong relationships, a rising career, and a better environment. You can develop new skills, new tastes, and interests.

But this move can also bring you stress, depression, and hurdles. You might feel nostalgic, emotional, and less creative in your new environment. It also costs time.

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions! Consider the pros and cons before moving and choose what's right for your situation. A new culture, people, climate, terrain, and facilities can help you to see life from a different perspective and broaden your thinking!

HomeKasa offers the best property management software to manage taxes, insurance, rent payment, move-in and move-out checklist, and more.

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